Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Question of the Day, Nightmares

OK Now that I have you thinking about nightmares care to share your worst one with me? I will try and make a story out of all posts and put up on Halloween on blog only. No names included and will not ever be used for money. I promise.

Me? I don;t have dreams anymore. The narcotics and sleeping pills stop me from remembering dreams. If I every remember a dream I will post it right away.

Working on my first pattern as well, a cabled knit scarf. As soon as I can get the pics off the camera I will post a pic, and the pattern as well.

Love to all,
Tanglust the bored.

1 comment:

Dr Folk said...

I am the same as you to many drugs to have nightmares but I do have daymares like ending up in a wheelchair and lossing my sight and the world running out of chocolate.