Sunday, January 25, 2009

January in Balitmore

OK so this has been a very unusal time for our family. My son has come home and given up his druggie life style. My daughter is healthy except for a damaged ankel on her left foot. I have pictures to share finally. Here are my dogs. Jester the black pug on the left is holding his Christmas present in his mouth as he sleeps. Bandit on the Right is my fawn pug ( less than 1 year old) sleeping on the back of the couch like a cat. They do bring great joy into my life. Well that is all for now. I have another pic to post in a couple of days.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Coming out of the Wiccan Closet

Ok here is how it has gone this morning. Wait up feeling better, watch tv, on twitter responding to condolences on my Uncle Walt's Passing. For no appartent reason I get up from my couch and go over to start folding my daughters laudry that had some household towels in it.

Just finished folding one towel, then I hear a mechanial voice coming from a box of grandson's ( 1 yr old boy) toys on the floor next to where I am standing. It says "Give me a drink" then "GET OUT". I look over and the little pull along doggie is face up in the box, and the dang toy keeps saying over and over "GIVE ME A DRINK" then a second later "GET OUT". Now I know that somehow the toys shifted and made the Elmo play phone turn on.

Hubby and I laught about it. I take the play phone and put it in the kitchen.

I am sitting here rembering that the last thing I spoke to my Uncle Walt was a premonition of his death. Of course, as all precognitions come, there is never a certain time you are positive about, epsically with family. It was my Daughter's precog dream and was to the date and minute only 2 years out from the predication.

Hubby had gone to bathroom , didn't know why , so I was in the front room alone, with the dogs
when this hugh gust of wind blows this 6 month old top of the line steel security door open fully.

A little aside here, I have Fibromyagia and not supposed to get cold, as no blood flow to ears, nose, fingers and toes, been this way since I was 30 and now I am 52. The wind is not only gusting strong, but very very cold.

So I go to close the door and see two peices of mail, junk mail, stuck to the conceret floor of the porch. I step out and pull the door closed so that the dogs don't come out. And then find out it is locked. Hubby is only person awake in house and he is taking a shower and could not hear me call for help or knock on door because the dogs are barking so frantically.

I know this seems like a bunch of random acts all fully explained away, but knowing my Uncle Walt, my anger and outright digust with my fathers side of the family, his and my father and mothers love of drinking, I am sure it is him giving me hell for not speaking to him or caring enough to call and check on them.

Ok that is all for now. Will be posting more as it happens.
Tanglust The Good Witch in West Baltimore.