Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Crochet Hat Contest

Sunday November 23rd. I could not decide what to work on, and I cannot keep my hands unbusy. So I found this hat I started to crochet earlier in the month and finished it. I love that it goes down way far in the back with the soft yarn to stop the wind from going down my back and that it covers my ears with the same soft yarn. I still have to find "something" to put on the top. Can you give me an idea? If u give me one that I use I will either make a hat for u or make a scarf for you free of charge. So please post what you think would go good on the top of this hat.


Beth said...

How about a pompom in one of the colors of your hat or a cute little tassel?


tanglust said...

don't have enough yarn for pom pom that is the problem, want to put something else on top